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Top 10 Netflix Shows Right Now as Ranked by Netflix Itself

Experience the thrill of Netflix's top 10 shows, meticulously ranked by the platform itself. Delve into a world of suspense, intrigue, and captivating storytelling as Netflix presents the ultimate lineup of binge-worthy series.

From gripping historical dramas to addictive reality competitions, these carefully curated shows cater to every taste and preference. Join us as we explore the fascinating narratives that have captivated audiences worldwide, offering a glimpse into the boundless entertainment possibilities that await on Netflix.

Get ready to take control of your viewing experience and immerse yourself in the best of what Netflix has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • "The Pacific" is a World War II drama miniseries that offers a realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by soldiers during the war, depicting the horrors of combat.
  • "Who Killed Jill Dando?" is a true crime series that investigates the unsolved murder of British broadcasting legend Jill Dando, highlighting one of the biggest homicide investigations in British history.
  • "Castlevania: Nocturne" is a fantasy series set during the French Revolution, featuring an alliance between the aristocracy and a Vampire Messiah, promising to unleash an army of vampires and nightcreatures.
  • "Virgin River" is a drama series that explores issues of motherhood and pregnancy, featuring new relationships, a shocking break-up, and a difficult court trial, as well as a wildfire that threatens the town.

The Pacific

While there are various World War II dramas available on Netflix, one standout miniseries that offers a realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by soldiers during the war is 'The Pacific'.

This gripping miniseries follows the experiences of three young US Marines fighting in the Pacific theater. 'The Pacific' does not shy away from depicting the horrors of combat, including blood, mud, and rain. The series captures the physical and psychological toll that war takes on soldiers, showcasing their courage, camaraderie, and the devastating impact of loss.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to historical accuracy, 'The Pacific' provides viewers with a compelling and immersive glimpse into the harsh realities faced by those who fought in World War II. It is a must-watch for anyone seeking a comprehensive and authentic portrayal of this pivotal period in history.

Who Killed Jill Dando

One of the most intriguing true crime series on Netflix right now is 'Who Killed Jill Dando?'. This gripping series investigates the twists and turns of the case, offering a comprehensive look into one of the biggest homicide investigations in British history.

Through interviews with family, friends, and investigators, viewers are taken on a journey to uncover the truth behind Dando's tragic death. With its meticulous attention to detail and compelling storytelling, 'Who Killed Jill Dando?' appeals to an audience that desires control and craves a deep understanding of the facts surrounding this high-profile case.

This series is a must-watch for true crime enthusiasts and those seeking justice for Jill Dando.

Castlevania: Nocturne

Castlevania: Nocturne is an enthralling fantasy series that combines elements of the French Revolution with an alliance between the aristocracy and a Vampire Messiah. This gripping show promises to transport viewers to a world where sorcery, vampires, and revolution intertwine.

Here are five reasons why Castlevania: Nocturne is a must-watch:

  • Rich Historical Setting: Set during the French Revolution, the series offers a unique blend of fantasy and history, providing a fresh and captivating backdrop for the story.
  • Intriguing Characters: From the sorceress to the last descendant of vampire hunters, the characters in Castlevania: Nocturne are complex and compelling, adding depth to the narrative.
  • Alliance of Power: The alliance between the aristocracy and a Vampire Messiah adds a thrilling dynamic to the plot, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
  • Epic Battle Scenes: Get ready for epic battle scenes that showcase the supernatural powers of vampires and nightcreatures, promising to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
  • Unleashing Chaos: With the promise to eat the sun and unleash an army of vampires and nightcreatures, Castlevania: Nocturne offers a thrilling and unpredictable storyline.

With its captivating plot, intriguing characters, and stunning visuals, Castlevania: Nocturne is a must-watch for those seeking a gripping fantasy series. Get ready to be transported to a world where revolution and vampires collide.

Virgin River

Amidst the picturesque landscapes of a small town, Virgin River delves into the intertwining lives of its residents and explores the complexities of love, loss, and second chances. The drama series, now in its fifth season, captivates viewers with its compelling storyline and relatable characters.

The latest installment brings new relationships, a shocking break-up, and a difficult court trial, adding to the already gripping narrative. One of the main focuses of this season is on the character Mel, as she navigates the challenges of motherhood and pregnancy.

Additionally, a wildfire threatens the town, forcing the community to come together in the face of adversity. Virgin River appeals to an audience that desires control, as it tackles real-life issues with sensitivity and authenticity, making it a must-watch for fans of heartfelt dramas.

Demon Slayer

In the critically acclaimed anime series, Demon Slayer, viewers are immersed in a world where the main character, Tanjiro, embarks on a perilous journey of revenge and redemption in his quest to find a cure for his sister's curse. With its gripping storyline and stunning animation, Demon Slayer has captivated audiences around the world.

Here are five reasons why this series has become a must-watch on Netflix:

  • Intense Action: Demon Slayer delivers exhilarating fight scenes filled with swordplay and supernatural abilities.
  • Emotional Depth: The show explores themes of loss, grief, and the power of familial bonds, adding depth to the characters' journeys.
  • Unique Demon Lore: Demon Slayer introduces a fascinating mythology surrounding the existence and hierarchy of demons.
  • Beautiful Animation: The series showcases breathtaking visuals, from lush landscapes to intricately designed characters.
  • Memorable Characters: Tanjiro and his companions are compelling and well-developed, each with their own motivations and struggles.

Demon Slayer's combination of action, emotion, and stunning animation make it a standout addition to Netflix's lineup.

Sex Education

Furthermore, Sex Education, a coming-of-age series, explores themes of sexuality, relationships, and personal growth. The show follows the closure of Moordale Secondary and the challenges faced by Otis and Eric at Cavendish Sixth Form College.

It delves into the complexities and struggles of adolescence, portraying the characters' journey towards self-discovery and understanding. Sex Education introduces new characters and settings, including a non-competitive and progressive college environment, where students can freely express their identities and explore their desires.

The series tackles various issues related to sexuality, such as consent, contraception, and LGBTQ+ representation, in a sensitive and informative manner. By addressing these topics, Sex Education provides a platform for open discussions and promotes a healthier and more inclusive approach to sex education.

With its compelling storytelling and relatable characters, the show resonates with audiences who desire control over their own lives and relationships.


The documentary series 'Encounters' delves into the mysterious world of UFO encounters and alien phenomena. This captivating show explores four extraordinary true stories from around the world, shedding light on the unexplained and challenging our understanding of the universe.

With explosive revelations from military whistleblowers and coverage from major news sources, 'Encounters' presents compelling evidence and expert analysis to support these astonishing claims.

Each episode takes viewers on a thought-provoking journey, examining the evidence, eyewitness testimonies, and scientific theories surrounding these encounters. From close encounters with unidentified flying objects to encounters with beings from other worlds, 'Encounters' offers a captivating exploration of the unknown.

With its meticulous research and attention to detail, this documentary series provides a unique and informative viewing experience for those seeking to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal

One of the most gripping true crime series on Netflix right now is 'Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal'. It uncovers a century of corruption, power, and cover-ups in South Carolina's Low Country.

This compelling series delves into the shocking events surrounding the death of teenager Mallory Beach in a drunken boating accident, as well as the brutal double homicide of Paul Murdaugh and his mother Maggie.

Through meticulous investigation and interviews with key individuals, 'Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal' sheds light on the dark underbelly of a community plagued by secrets and long-standing family legacies.

With its captivating storytelling and attention to detail, this true crime series offers viewers a chilling glimpse into the depths of human depravity and the lengths people will go to protect their own.

The Great British Baking Show

A beloved baking competition, The Great British Baking Show, enthralls audiences with its display of culinary skills and delectable creations. This popular reality competition on Netflix brings together amateur bakers from across the United Kingdom to compete in weekly challenges and impress a panel of judges.

Here are five reasons why The Great British Baking Show continues to captivate audiences:

  • The show offers a mix of drama, humor, and delicious desserts, creating an engaging viewing experience.
  • It showcases the talents of amateur bakers, highlighting their creativity and passion for baking.
  • The judges provide expert critique, offering valuable feedback to the contestants and teaching viewers about baking techniques.
  • The challenges range from technical bakes to elaborate showstoppers, testing the contestants' skills and pushing them to their limits.
  • The friendly and supportive atmosphere among the contestants fosters a sense of camaraderie and adds to the show's charm.

The Great British Baking Show satisfies the cravings of baking enthusiasts and provides a delightful escape into the world of sweets and pastries.

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind offers a unique and compelling exploration of love and relationships through its innovative concept and dramatic moments.

The reality dating show takes a bold approach by allowing contestants to form connections without seeing each other. This unconventional experiment challenges societal expectations and dives deep into the complexities of love.

The show captivates viewers with its intriguing premise, as participants must rely solely on emotional connections to determine compatibility. Love Is Blind showcases the vulnerability and emotional rollercoaster that comes with falling in love, as contestants navigate the highs and lows of building relationships in a confined environment.

With its emphasis on raw emotions and personal growth, the show provides an entertaining and thought-provoking viewing experience. Love Is Blind is a must-watch for those seeking a fresh perspective on love and the power of human connection.


In conclusion, Netflix's top 10 shows offer a diverse range of content to cater to a wide audience. With gripping dramas, thrilling adventures, and heartwarming stories, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

For example, one popular show, 'The Pacific,' immerses viewers in the intense and harrowing experiences of World War II soldiers, providing a compelling narrative that keeps audiences engaged.

With such a curated selection of quality shows, Netflix continues to captivate and entertain viewers worldwide.

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